Acne or simply called as pimples is something which irritates almost every one at puberty except for a few lucky who have dry skin.

Scientific basis :basically acne in simple words mean your overactive oil glands which have got their outlet pore for oil closed ,resulting in bacterial action on collected oil which turns into pus and body's fight against bacteria makes the pimple red .which we call as inflammation in medical terms.finally when pus comes out of the inflamed gland ,body calls in for healing process which leads to scars . during healing process as other cells are multiplying fast ,so are the pigment cells called melanocytes which are responsible for the dark colored spots on the area where acne existed.

What cause acne ?

1. puberty leads to more production of androgen(which is male sex hormone) in both males and females (they produce more of estrogen which is female sex hormone but is eventually converted in body to androgen).this androgen has direct stimulatory action on sweat glands which start producing more of sebum (oil).this overproduction of oil attracts the bacteria "p.acnes"which although are normally present on the skin ,but in fewer numbers .these bacteria when provided with ample amount of food i.e oil start growing at much fast speed gearing the body to fight against infection eventually leading to blockage of the outlet of oil gland . this trapped mixture of bacteria with pus ,oil etc leads to swollen red appearence of pimples .

2.Infection  :some people are in habit of touching and scratching their face which they start doing whenever absorbed in some work requiring lot of concentration.this leads to superficial fine injury over the skin which gives way to normal bacteria entering skin and start multiplication.

3.Idiopathic :where no specific reason can be found .


1. Medical treatment:with help of antibiotics (to reduce bacterial load )and topical agents which peel the superficial skin layers so that sebum glands remain open,along with drugs which decrease sebum production,finally drugs  which are anti androgenic . These drugs are effective at various levels so that one particular drug may not suite all patients .

2. latest innovation is use of a particular laser light which has wavelength absorbed by the bacteria p.acnes .This light when thrown over active acne  leads to destruction of bacteria hence reducing bacterial load helping the  body to fight against infection. and hence controlling infection and stopping the process at once .Preventing scar and pigmentation.


We are treating acne with combination of techniques depending upon your skin type.
once again blossom is proud to be the only clinic where you can get acne treatment with laser.


It is a very effective treatment which has instant results i.e after treatment virtually next day you can see the red inflamed acne turning back to its normalcy.
moreover no medicines are required. orally or topically.
it is completely devoid of side effects also.


Contraindications remain same as in previous sections .
It is a simple procedure where the target area is exposed to light of a specific wavelength .repeatedly approximately for 5 min .
procedure is painless without any downtime means you can immidiately return to your routine work