Basically botulinum toxin which is derived from bacteria botulinum .This toxin is sufficiently diluted so that it is safe for human use.
technique involves multiple tiny injections over the face around area to be treated for wrinkles for example forehead frown lines .
around the eyes crow's feet and so on .

Mechanism of action:- botox when injected in the muscle leads to paralysis of the muscle being injected this paralysis is induced partially so that the under lying muscle looses its tone and finally the overlying skin becomes wrinkle free .

Duration :-In our experience most of the people last with satisfactory results for approximately 8 months to at the most 1 year after which the treatment needs to be repeated .
these tiny injections are injected by an expert in the muscular layer which is at a specific depth along the whole thickness of face .once treated effect comesĀ  approximately in 7-8 days.