Dermal fillers

Dermal fillers is stabilized hyaluronic acid which is injected under the skin at different levels so that the wrinkles or rytids can be leveled off.

Some common questions regarding fillers are

Q.Are dermal fillers some sort of chemicals ?

A.No.hyluronic acid is a natural part of everybody’s skin.

Q.What is role of this hyaluronic acid in human skin ?

A. Hyluronic acid has affinity for water molecules and it helps in retaining water content of skin hence skin remains hydrated with adequate amount of hyluronic acid. As the age advances we loose this molecule from our skin and hence skin starts becoming dry and loosing water ,hence prone for wrinkling.

Q. How are fillers used to remove the wrinkles

A. Fillers basically are injected under the skin at various levels according to superficial or deep wrinkles

After injection the skin becomes flat at the level where it had wrinkle . so a filling effect is there .

Q. How painful is the injection ?

A. we first numb the skin with a local anesthetic before injecting fillers so that there is minimum pain during injection.

Q.What are the side effects of fillers ?

A.fillers have no side effects except for very little redness after injection .which persists for 2-3 hours .

Q.How long do the fillers stay .

A. fillers stay according to the product we choose for injection .its length varies from 6 months to 1 year .

Q. which one is better botox or fillers >

A. this is very important to choose the appropriate technique for appropriate results

For nasolabial lines best and long lasting results are with fillers

For worry lines on forehead botox is the best .

For crows feet we have observed that both fillers and botox are equally good .but under good supervision we have found far better satisfaction levels for fillers as compared to botox .

For acne scars fillers have very good and promising role .

So if overall comapred we can say that fillers have an edge over botox .

Very important aspect of fillers is that when the effect of filler wears of it is not sudden, It wears off slowly .It takes some time as compared to botox where you find that the wearing off effect is very fast so sometimes frustration creeps in .so fillers have an edge .

We use fillers for crow’s feet naso labial lines for under eye circles and acne scarring

We also assure you with one topup after about half of duration of filler is over so that with same amount of money ,your effct lasts longer .

Effects are almost immediate ,as the facial contours take up the fill,almost instantanious results are obtained .
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