This latest technique which is a patented technique from alma lasers usa is one of the greatest innovations in field of antiageing and rejuvenation.
name although appears to be a misnomer means laser technology usin 3 different technologies or lasers for 60 days .60 days do not imply regular treatment daily but treatment at certain specific days like for example on 10th day,20th day etc.this uniquely timed combination of different lasers lead to drastic improvement in tone texture and color of skin.finally you get a rejuvenated skin with bright complexion ,fewer number of wrinkles,and soft touching skin.

In this technique we use

1. A.F.T. wavelength 570
2.Wavelength N.I.R.
3.Erbium laser

we at blossom are proud to boast of being only centre in tricity and even punjab and haryana where such treatment is available .