"Hair reduction "as the name implies itself is self explanatory. But next question ,why hair "reduction" not removal.Well actually with laser hair removal we target not to completely eradicate the hair follicles from the skin but reduce the number of hair follicles sufficiently so that they no longer pose any cosmetic concern.

Lot of temporary methods like threading,waxing,shaving,bleaching etc are used to overcome the problem of unwanted hairs.Except for thermolysis other methods are very temporary.Why to prefer laser over other methods ? Methods like waxing and threading which are most commonly used by people globally,carry one great disadvantage that each time when we pull the roots of hair then body sustains injury and percieves as if root was weak,so next root which grows out is more thick and black in color,means finally we get more of problem which we tried to get rid of.Shaving or trimming is very temporary.Electrolysis although is permanent but is associated with scarring.

Finally laser hair removal remains the only option for permanent hair reduction.

laser hair removal :-
Technology behind the things.laser as we know is a beam of coherent light which has  a particular light radiation in a laser beam is very pure or we can say is the purest as far as wavelength is  concerned .Next concept is that every thing in this world absorbs a particular wavelength from light and reflects the rest due to which we can see the color of object.for example white color of object is due to that is reflects all the colors hence it appears white and black color is due to the reason that it absorbs all the colors of light and reflects nothing hence it appears let us come to our point of interest .i.e hair ,hair is black due to presence of a black pigment called melanin which originates in the roots of hairs and filnally adds to the hair shaft as it grows. melanin absorbs light in the wavelength range of  700 nm maximally .but we analyze below main lasers which can be used for hair removal are ruby,alexandrite,diode and long pulse nd yag.

For asian skin we find these lasers to be comfortable except for ruby , as others have minimum impact on the neighbouring epidermal melanin.but even than mild irritation redness and skin damage remains the side effects of this lasers .also traditional lasers are not effective on fine brown hairs.
now the latest generation of hair removal systems have entered the technology maket .
A.F.T. (advanced flourocent technology) .in this technology all the wavelengths which are effectively absorbed by melanin are incorporated.

A.F.T Advantages are:-

1.Absolutely no side effects.
2.Completely painless hair removal
3.No redness,
4.No scarring,
5.No need of any medication,
6.No down time -can immidiately return back to work,
7.Results are permanent.
8. Even treats fine brown hairs.

why more than one sitting /session are required for effective hair reduction ?

To understand the things let us look at some of the hair basics,actually at any given time hairs which are present on the skin are in diffrent phases of growth ,i.e some are falling some are still young, some have empty roots,even some are lying dormant, i.e sleeping hairs, and out of these stage only young growing hairs are the one which can be effectively destroyed . which make approximately 15--20% of the total logically with one sitting we can destroy only 15-20% of the hairs permanently.hence to ahieve sufficiently good results we should have reduction in range of 90-95% which can only be effectively achieved with 6-8 sittings depending upon the area being treated.
contraindications of laser hair treatment .

As with any other technical procedure laser hair treatment also carry some limitations & contraindications.

1.laser is not effective on white hairs (hairs are white because they do not have melanin).so hurry before you grow old.
2.laser can not be used in patients suffering from white spots (leukoderma).
3.Patients who are very sensitive to sunlight should not undergo laser treatment.
4. patients who are taking tretinoin should  avoid laser treatment for at least 6 months .
5.Recent delivery  (with in last 6 months)is also a contraindication.
6.patients having uncontrolled  epilepsy.

laser hair removal prepration:
As we know that for hair removal we need black hair following are the precautions or we can say preprations we should do for laser hair removal
1. Do not wax or thread the hairs from area which is to be treated at least for the time till you get the full amount of growth you normally had before waxing.if required you canshave of the hairs with a good quality razor blade or alternatively can   use hair removal cream after testing for sensitivity behind the ear or on front of forearm.
2. Do not bleach the hairs because deep bleaching some times alter the color of roots even.
3. Do not apply any medicated ointment without consulting your laser consultant. should not have any active skin lesion like boil or a furuncle
Procedure for laser hair removal :
procedure starts with shaving of the hairs on the area to be treated.because hairs which are visible on the skin will absorb the laser energy and energy will be wasted ,because roots are not going to get the required energy .so shaving is must.
one very common misbelief is that shaving leads to hard and thick hairs and females are not supposed to shave their hairs. but infact studies have shown that shaving virtually has no effect on the roots ,so shaving can not lead to thick hairs.
after shaving of hairs.  energy is decided as per your skin type and finally machine is locked with settings and treatment is started.
with all lasers which do not have in motion technology ,you will have pain over the area under treatment as hairs are burnt .but at blossom we are exclusively and uniquely using this technique which is patented by alma.
so blossom is the only centre where totally painless hair removal is done .with far superior results as compared to other centres in market which still are using old technologies.
after treatment very fair colored patients can have slight redness over the treatment area which completely disappears after 6-7 hours.

After care:

after treatment you have to follow certain precautions
1. Apply sunscreen at least twice a day  with s.p.f. at least 30.for 15 days post treatment.avoid exposure to direct sunlight.
2. Avoid strenuous exercise so that sweat should not cause irritation for3- 4 days
3. Avoid any chemical application over skin without consulting your laser consultant.
AT blossom we follow strict guidelines as given by U.S.F.D.A. and you should feel rest assured for all treatments.


Last question which comes to mind is that whether hairs are going to go completely or is it wastage of your hard earned money.
as with everything nothing is permanent in this world. but as per our long experience and studies conducted world over we assure you that success rate for laser hair removal after said no. of sittings remain in the range of 85-90% of hair reduction.As a token of  credibility and respect to our clients we offer a complimentary service i.e. we give topup treatments at very concessional charges after the treatment is complete .

         Even with hormonal disturbance,we treat  with medicines and along with laser treatment is continued,in worst of the cases  with our rich experience we have seen  very good results .