Pigmentation as the name implies is the dark color which is noticed over the skin after acne , injury ,burns etc.it can be in form of spots or can be more generalized like melasma or what we generally call it blemishes.pigment basically is the area of skin where melanocytes (pigment producing cells )are present in abundance i.e more than the normal numbers or are of big size.Any stimulus which leads to increased turnover of skin cells, lead to increase in melanocytes also and henceforth pigmentation.


1. Medicines for local application :commonly called bleaching agents usually are effective but their effect lasts till the time we keep on applying, in some cases medicines are totally  ineffective.

2. laser removal :lasers as we discussed earlier,are used which are specifically targeted against melanin present in the skin . we use erbium yag and q switch nd yag lasers in this category

3. I.P.L.and now A.F.T.:which has least side effects .
we at blossom use all available techniques as per the requirement of the patient and the skin type.

4.Chemical Peels : Treatment with chemical peels are very safe in best hands.Although it needs multiple treatments much more than laser  but even than results are very good.