Chemical peels are an excellent option in concern of anti aging skin care routine that includes daily sun protection. There are lot of chemical peels which we use in anti aging protocol.

What do chemical peels contain?

Peels contain solutions most typically contains the Alpha hydroxy acid such as glycolic acid Beta hydroxy acid such as salicylic acid ,tri chloro Acetic Acid or phenol as exfoliating agent which of these are categorised by the concentration and resulting depth of the peel of the skin which can range from superficial to medium.

how does peels help in the anti aging protocol ?
We know peels according to the skin type can make skin smoother ,help fade brown spots and improve uneven skin tone from sun damage and generally make skin surface look fresh and young. Having peels done on a regular basis say every 6 to 8 weeks will lead to collagen stimulation that improves the appearance of wrinkles.
AHA's Alpha hydroxy acid peels use glycolic acid as the peeling ingredient.Its concentrations range from 30 to 70% and this is very effective in improving skin texture, causing some collagen and elastin rebuilding ,minimally reducing the appearance of scarring and reducing the appearance of skin discoloration.

BHA's beta hydroxy acid that is salicylic acid peel these pills are quite effective in oily skin and is good peeling agent for blackheads. TCA peel ortri chloro acetic acid sometimes called Blue pill in concentration of upto 50% are superficial to medium are very effective and safe.This type of peel can be used for peeling the face, neck, hands and other areas of the body and is excellent for spot peeling of specific area and is best for fine lines and jessner peel is a medium containing 14% salicylic acid 14% lactic acid 14% resorcinol is recommended for those with dark skin tones due to the risk of resorcinol causing post inflammatory hyperpigmentation. Phenol peel is used for full face peeling when sun damage or wrinkling is severe. After 21 days when skin is recovered we see a good change in fine lines and wrinkles.