fairness peel

peel for uneven skin tone or discolored skin

This is used to remove the unwanted pigmentation.

It can be used in all the skin type without any side effects.

This removes the sun damage , acne scars, age spots, fine lines and blemishes.

What is phenol peel?

A phenol peel falls in the category of deep chemical peels to reverse the sun damaged skin and also excellent for deep acne scars. It uses Carbolic acid to treat the skin.

Phenol peel is the deepest type of chemical peel, it goes deeper than Alpha hydroxy peels and is used to correct imperfections such as deep wrinkles and acne scars
Comparing to other mild and medium peels, this gives faster results and sometimes only single treatment is required.

Benefits of phenol peel

  • This removes the damaged outer layer of skin to reveal better and smooth layer of skin.
  • As it penetrates deeper than any other peel so it can give a remarkable difference in the tone, texture and pigmentation of the skin , also reversing the loose, sagging skin or deep scars.
  • This procedure takes about half an hour. After peel is applied on the patient's face it may become a little red and a little discomfort maybe there.
  • It requires 7 to 10 days to recover back but there are no risk or side effects.